GitLab REST API: how disable the automerge feature?

How cancel with the GitLab API REST a merge request which has been defined with a ‘set to auto-merge’ ?

Hi, I would like to cancel the set auto-merge feature when I detect a potential problem. By example check something in the content, my script return a false status. Due to this false status I would like to update my existing merge request to cancel the automerge.

Thanks by advance



  • GitLabv16.11.4
  • GitLab Shell14.35.0
  • GitLab Workhorsev16.11.4
  • GitLab APIv4
  • GitLab KAS16.11.4
  • Ruby3.1.4p223
  • Rails7.0.8.1
  • PostgreSQL (main)14.11
  • PostgreSQL (ci)14.11
  • Redis7.0.15