Gitlab runner: Failed to connect to localhost port 9252 after 0 ms: Connection refused

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Problem to solve

I am trying to use Gitlab runners Datadog integration to get the Gitlab runners metrics. For that, I needed to expose the internal Prometheus metrics of the Gitlab runners. I followed this doc Monitor GitLab Runner usage | GitLab and added the listen_address field to the runners and set it to localhost:9252, but when I shell into the Gitlab runners and I curl the endpoint to get the metrics, I get the following error :

Failed to connect to localhost port 9252 after 0 ms: Connection refused

I believe this is the starting step and I can’t advance without at least getting the metrics http server. Also documentation is almost non existing when it comes to the part of integrating Datadog with Gitlab runners step by step.

Steps to reproduce

Add this global variable to the config.toml file : listen_address = "localhost:9252"
Then shell into the Gitlab runner ( setup in EKS ) and execute the following command :

curl "http://localhost:9252/metrics"



  config: |
    listen_address = "localhost:9252"
      name = "fargateRunners"
      executor = "kubernetes"
        namespace = "{{.Release.Namespace}}"
        image = "ubuntu:20.04"
        privileged = true
        pull_policy = "if-not-present"
        allowed_pull_policies = ["always", "if-not-present"]
        image_pull_secrets = ["${docker_config_name}"]
        cpu_request = "900m"
        helper_cpu_request = "100m"
        service_account = "{{ include "gitlab-runner.fullname" . }}"
          name = "docker-certs"
          mount_path = "/certs/client"
          medium = "Memory"
          Type = "s3"
          Path = "runner"
          Shared = true
            BucketName = "${cache_bucket_name}"
            BucketLocation = "${cache_bucket_region}"
            Insecure = false

Gitlab runners in terraform :

resource "helm_release" "gitlab_runner" {
  name       = "gitlab-runner"
  repository = ""
  chart      = "gitlab-runner"
  version    = "0.50.1" # version of helm chart is 0.50.1
  namespace  = var.gitlab_release_namespace

  values = [templatefile("values.yaml",
      cache_bucket_name   =
      cache_bucket_region =
      docker_config_name  = local.docker_config_name
      service_account     = aws_iam_role.gitlab_runner.arn

  set_sensitive {
    name  = "runnerRegistrationToken"
    value = var.gitlab_registration_token

  depends_on = [kubernetes_secret.docker_hub_config]


  • Self-managed
  • SaaS
  • Self-hosted Runners


  • GitLab (Web: /help or self-managed system information): GitLab Enterprise Edition 16.11.0-pre
  • GitLab Runner, if self-hosted (Web /admin/runners or CLI gitlab-runner --version): 15.9.1
  • EKS: 1.27

Thanks for taking the time to be thorough in your request, it really helps! :blush: