EKS+Helm Runner, gitlab URL not working

Chart: gitlab/gitlab-runner@0.64.1

configmap: config.toml

shutdown_timeout = 0
concurrent = 10
check_interval = 30
log_level = "debug"
listen_address = ":9252"
gitlabUrl = "https://gitlab.com/"

The container is stuck in startup/registration with the following message

Merging configuration from template file “/configmaps/config.template.toml”
PANIC: The url needs to be entered

I was finally able to get the runner registered by completely restarting the process (removed old chart, install again). Think my issue was I used a group auth token instead of a runner token.

Now I’m stuck on figuring out why the DIND service is not finding the daemon. I’ve dealt with this in the past, but so far none of those tricks are working with the new runner setup.