Gitlab runner - specifying multiple tags for a job?

Hi Folks,
If I configure a runner with two tags, “maven” and “dev”, is it possible to specify multiple tags in the job? And to have it pick only those runners that meet both tags? Using ‘and’ instead of ‘or’ basically.

I want to register a number of shared runners, and have tags for the type of workloads they run (java, node, etc) but also specify the environment they are in, so we can have our CI/CD build and deploy to specific environments.

Answering my own question - this works exactly as you’d expect. Listed tags must be present, so if you specify both “dev” and “docker”, it will select only those runners with the selected tags. If you omit one or the other, than it will simply choose any runner with the selected tag.

Hope someone can find this useful, I didn’t find this documented anywhere.


Hi jeanluclariviere
Can you please help me with DR activity for the omnibus GitLab application.
How we can do rsync between active and passive server.


thanks! I had the same doubt and the docs were not helpful either. :slight_smile:

Tks, it helped me alot