Howto match a job to a runner with (tag1 OR tag2 OR tag3 OR ...)?

I read that it’s possible for a job to require a runner to have multiple tags on
- ruby
- postgres

I was wondering if it’s also possible to state
- tag1 OR tag2 OR tag3 OR …

If you want to know why: we have runners with a complicated mix of capabilities and we have custom code that can check which runners match the requirements. The result is a list of matching tags, any of which will do, hence the OR-logic.

Apparently jenkins does support this:

Hi @stso
AFAIK this is not possible at the moment and tags are evaluated with AND. I have found several requests (this and this) to enhance the tags logic and functionality, but none with the OR. But it might be there somewhere

FYI: this MR should add the feature: