Gitlab search displaying html tags

I’m in the process of upgrading an older version of gitlab. Last night, I took the first step (in many) to bring us to HEAD.

The initial upgrade of the omnibus version of gitlab happened last night. We upgraded (on Ubuntu) from 8.15.4-ce.1 to 8.17.8-ce.0. My plan was to upgrade postgresql tonight to 9.6.

I thought everything worked as expected. But I just noticed that when trying to search, I’m seeing html tags inside the search suggestions (instead of “group/projectname”, I’m getting group/b>p/b>b>r/b>b>o/b>b>j/b>b>e/b>b>c/b>t/b>" (I removed the < character from all those html tags so they’ll render here)

Anyone have any thoughts on what might be causing this? I haven’t yet run gitlab-ctl restart (as this is a production server and we have people using it). I plan to restart it tonight.

But I’m hoping others here may have seen this or might have suggestions.

I do note that I’m seeing that the app shows it is using gitlab v4. I thought that got implemented in 9.

I didn’t see anything obvious in the logs (gitlab-ctl tail)

Thank you in advance for any advice or suggestions.

No one has responded. But in case anyone else stumbles into the same issue. The problem seems to be a bug with 8:17.8 and all releases of 9.0.x.

Once I upgraded to 9.1, the problem disappeared. I also found this bug report that seems to be related. It suggests upgrading to 9.2