Issue Boards Search not working anymore

We use gitlab to track projects for our engraving business. We do not upload any code, only project details. Recently about a month ago, our search of the Issue Boards is not producing all of the search results. Projects that used to come up through search are not displaying. We can dig through our projects and find them still on gitlab, but search is no longer working as it should. What can we do to fix this?

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Hi @lvlaserengraving

This sounds very odd! Presumably you are using

This sounds like a bug, but I’m not sure whether your exact bug is already in the issues list, but I found these that might be relevant to you:

If you do find relevant issues, please vote them up and add a comment (this will push the issue up the priority list and make it more likely to be resolved). If not, please do create a new issue and describe how to reproduce your bug in as much detail as you can.

I’m having the same issue as well with our instance of gitlab. We’re using the self-managed edition and after we upgraded to version 15.3.3, the search function in the Issue Board fails to perform a wildcard search. If I search for a whole word, it works. (i.e. If there’s a complete word in the title called PER0001234, search will fail with just 1234 but will succeed with PER0001234).

Same for me - self-hosted GitLab CE 15.5.2. Some more observations:

  • German Umlauts are not found (ä,ö,ü) - however, can be replaced in searches with a, o, u (e.g. “Burste” instead of “Bürste”
  • Old issues (created before updating to 15.3) are still found.
  • Some issue are not found even when searching for full words in the title - no idea what the problem is.

Has anyone found a respective issue on GitLab already? Maybe the problem is caused by introducing Elastic Search and related changes to database queries…


We have the same issue in my company’s self hosted gitlab. I can see the issue in the issue list but filter could not find it at all I’ve tried to reindex the database but it didn’t work. We need a way to solve the issue if anyone have same issue and solved it…

Same here. Freshly upgraded to GitLab Community Edition [v16.1.2]. Full text search in gitlab issues is not working. This already worked in very old GitLab versions, so this is very unfortunate!

If you enter the search string matching from the beginning, the search somewhat works. So I guess there is an error in the regular expression used for matching against the issues and there should be a simple fix. Can someone look into this?

Is there any possibility I can help to fix this?