Gitlab runner cloning super slow

Since yesterday we have been having performance issues with gitlab runner - cloning repository suddenly takes up to 40 minutes, where previously it was almost instant. The same with uploading the artifacts from the CI build.

Am I the only one? I reported the issue, but I am worried it might take a long time before someone looks at it.

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Hi, we have the same problem. Our CI/CD Pipeline times out every time. Did work flawlessly until yesterday.

Hello @knyttl and @AHS. Thank you for reporting these issues.

Our team is investigating this performance degradation in the following issue Please follow that thread for more information.

Also, you can always check for quick updates. Feel free to ping us via Twitter, mentioning @gitlabstatus if you have any other issues. That would be the best way for us to monitor your reports.

Thanks in advance!

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I wish there was anything written on the gitlabstatus :slight_smile:

Hi, same here, any updates?

It should be fixed by now:

Thanks all for noticing this and sharing it on the forum!


Is this issue already fixed?
since i’m still facing this issue, my CI/CD often get timeout because it stuck on cloning repo

I’ve just had this on a local git branch (not yet pushed), while running gitlab-runner locally to debug the task.

Any chance this is just something to do with gitlab-runner itself?