Gitlab snippets disappeared


I am not sure if this is the right place to post, but I couldn’t find where to get in contact with’s support. I have a couple of private repositories with several private snippets attached to them. Today when I tried to access them (Project > Snippets > Snippets’ name), the page would return a 404 error. Is it a temporary bug? Or should I be worried.

I came here for the same reason. We can list all our snippets, but trying to access them just gives us a 404.

I have the same problem, but it seems to be a simple a issue with the link. Try to copy the snippet ID and past it on the url on the snippet list url.

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Seems someone may have misplaced a ‘/’ in a template somewhere. Hopefully they get this bug fixed soon.

@alexge50.x @mld @patricio.fernandes @luke.mckenna Hey all, apologies for the issue! It looks like this is more than likely related to this existing issue. As of right now, a fix has been scheduled for inclusion in 12.6 which will be released on 12/22/19 but that fix should be live on sooner than that.

Feel free to give that issue a thumbs up so that you’re notified of any updates made to it.

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After looking at the linked issue it seems it’s working as intended in stage again as of yesterday and should be live on any hour now.