Gitlab Ultimate for Open Source



We’re happy to know that GitLab Ultimate and Gold are now free for education and open source projects.
Our open-source project is currently hosted at Github, and we also have a self-hosted community edition of Gitlab for private projects that we cannot open-source (mainly deployment configurations) for our public university.

Does the Ultimate license for open-source projects also allow for private projects along with the open-source ones?

Thank you.


I’m not a member of GitLab Inc but a member of Core. I think so.

Now GitLab Ultimate or Gold for open source projects repo is available for more detail information and it has a link to the official our support team therein, which you can use.


Hello @davidmartinho!

GitLab OSS license can be used only for the project it was approved for.
You can read our full terms regarding OSS program for more details.