Gitlab upgrade from 10.7.4 ee to latest

We are planning to upgrade to latest version. Currently we are using 10.7.4 ee on RHEL7.
I am looking for suggestion for best method to upgrade and how much downtime will be there.
Current gitlab is omnibus installation.

Any idea what is the time taken for upgrade?

That’s a bad idea, you should follow the recommended upgrade path outlined on

Note: I think I’ve seen packages complain if you were upgrading from a version before what’s supported, so trying 15.3.3 (the newest) first will probably lead to a chain of failures essentially giving the order shown at that link. So you won’t break anything (probably, but don’t come crying if you do), just waste some time.

I’m not a RHEL user (dropped Redhat for Debian in the last millenium), so I don’t know whether all those versions are available for RHEL7, or if you need to mix some OS upgrades into the process.

Doing the upgrades gradually like that should mean, should mean all necessary transitions will happen.

I’ve never been that far behind so I have no idea what amount of downtime you’re looking at (it probably also depends on your hardware, and definitely on how much data you have), but as there’s about 15 steps to that upgrade, and the migrations take from a few seconds to several hours.

You can reduce the dwntime significantly by using the “Zero downtime upgrades”, unless you have a really big installation, it doesn’t give zero downtime (the process involves restarting puma, that will give downtime unless you have load balancers in front distriuting requests to multiple nodes running the app) but it reduces it quite a bit (in our setup it’s probably less than a minute each time) - but at the price of having to go through every minor version, so you’ll have to go through ~50 (I didn’t bother to count) versions. But in this case it’s so much more work and downtime that distributed over the period over doing these upgrades, so it might not be worth it (but you’ll have to look at your own installation and colleagues to decide).

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