Gitlab Upgrade From 11.5.3 to latest

Our Current Version of Gitlab - 11.5.3

i want to upgrade it to latest version. Wanted to know about pre requisites and standard procedure for this.

Does it require reboot of server?
Do i need to restart DB?

According to the Gitlab upgrade recommendation you must upgrade to the latest minor release of your current version. In your case you would need to upgrade to 11.11.8. As seen here:Upgrade Recommendation. As for your other concerns regarding down time see this article Upgrading Without Downtime

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Hi @zohebshaik7 , welcome to the GitLab Community forum! :tada:

@mquiles is correct, you’d need to upgrade to 11.11.8 before upgrading to 12.x

For the smoothest possible upgrade process, I the following upgrade path:

11.5.3 > 11.11.8 > 12.0.12 > 12.9.2

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