GitLab upgrade from 8.12 to 9.3


We are using GitLab 8.12 version on our production servers. We are thinking update this version to latest. We did follow omnibus install and have our own db servers for GitLab. We have data on current gitlab servers. Can anyone please let me know the steps to take before the update and how to update my current version to latest.

I know there are some documentation available for GitLab update. But It was more generalized and I don’t want to make any mistake during this update. If anyone has done GitLab update in their company’s or organization please do let me know the process steps. I appreciate your time


Hi there! First of all, backup :slight_smile: That goes without saying.

Generally, when you upgrade from a previous major release to another, you should first upgrade to the latest minor release you are currently on, so in your case, I’d do:

  • Upgrade to 8.17, test that stuff work
  • Upgrade to 9.0, test that stuff work
  • Upgrade to 9.3, test that stuff work