GitLab v12.7.0 release details


We are using GitLab v12.7.0 community edition in our company. I need following release details related to this:

  1. Release Date
  2. End of Life Date
  3. End of support date

Can anyone help me in this?

12.7.0 was released on 22 january 2020, already two days later (i.e. 24 january 2020) 12.7.2 was released labeled a patch release, but on 30 january 2020 12.7.4 was released labeled a security release. So depending on what you mean, in can be said to have reached end of life already.

GitLab (normally) releases security patches for the last three minor versions (of which one is the current), and a new minor version is released each month on the 22nd. So security releases for 12.7 (which you apparently don’t care for if you still run 12.7.0 40 days after a security release, so why do you ask) will be made until the release of 12.10 on 22 april.

As it’s community edition no one are obligated to provide support for you, and that doesn’t change with the date.

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In addition to 12.7.4 being labeled a security release, 12.7.6 was labeled a critical security release, so 12.7.0 is probably a quite bad version to be running.

And (as you can deduct from the release schedule that I gave, and the fact that I didn’t mention 12.8 being an execption) 12.8 came out on 22 february, so since then only security releases are made against 12.7. That’s also a possible interpretation of “End of Life Date”.

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