Gitlab yum install on Oracle Linux 7

After issuing the following command:

curl | sudo bash

The package server is added to the repos.d directory successfully but when I run the yum install gitlab-ce I am informed that the gitlab-ce package is not available. By the following text.

Setting up Install Process
gitlab_gitlab-ce/signature              |  836 B     00:00     
gitlab_gitlab-ce/signature              |  951 B     00:00 ... 
gitlab_gitlab-ce-source/signature       |  836 B     00:00     
gitlab_gitlab-ce-source/signature       |  951 B     00:00 ... 
No package gitlab-ce available.
Error: Nothing to do

Does anybody have any insight as to if the package name is different or another way to install on Oracle Linux 7?


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So yum search gitlab yields no results? Did you try to yum update and then try to install?