Gitlabci runs all jobs on a new branch even when it does not meet specified changes

When I create a new feature branch from any branch and push it, regardless of the fact that it has no changes introduced, it runs all jobs by disregarding only.changes conditions.

.gitlab-ci.yml file:

System Proxy:
  stage: trigger
    - echo 'run me'
      - playbooks/system_proxy.yml
      - environments/stl/dev/group_vars/system-proxy/*

App Proxy:
  stage: trigger
    - echo 'run me'
      - playbooks/app_proxy.yml
      - environments/stl/dev/group_vars/app-proxy/*

Git operations

$ control-repo|feature/CD-04_test⇒ git checkout -b feature/CD-05_test
Switched to a new branch 'feature/PROCD-05_test'

$ control-repo|feature/CD-05_test ⇒ git push origin feature/CD-05_test
Total 0 (delta 0), reused 0 (delta 0)
remote: To create a merge request for feature/CD-05_test, visit:
 * [new branch]      feature/CD-05_test -> feature/CD-05_test

This operation of simply creating and pushing the new branch with no changes causes both System Proxy and App Proxy jobs to run.

What am I missing here?

Looks like I found my answer in the Docs:

When pushing a new branch or a new tag to GitLab, the policy always evaluates to true and GitLab will create a job

As per

The only way to fix this by the looks of things is to use merge_requests and changes together.


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Hi Haani,

I work on a team and we tag our project after we had a successful pipeline for master. We’re facing the same issue, however, that tag pipelines are re-running all jobs, even with “only: changes” configured. So we do want to bypass them after they have already run successfully on master, but not necessarily within the context of a merge request.

Is this your case too? If so, how did you work around the issue? How can we have jobs bypassed in tag pipelines without depending on merge requests?