Global namespace

Hello, i’m making this post because i had no answer in the previous.
I want to stablish a namespace for the company, like github. The projects in the namespace should be private and be accessed only by the members the project has assigned. I wanted to do this via groups, but the main problem i see is that each member of the group have access to all the projects.

In a simple way i want this to happen:

I have 2 users:

I have 2 projects:
gitlab/somenamespace/proj1 (configured usara as a member)
gitlab/somenamespace/proj2 (configured userb as a member)

usera should not have access to gitlab/somenamespace/proj2 and userb should not have access to gitlab/somenamespace/proj1.

Is there any way to do this?

You need to be patient. Members of this forum have no responsibility or obligation to respond within any kind of timeline. One post on the topic is enough. Posting exactly the same topic again will get you nowhere.


See your other post for a response.