User can't transfer project to group

I am the admin on a self-hosted instance of Gitlab CE 16.10. One of our users reached out to me because he created projects in his personal namespace and needed to transfer them to a group. When he goes to the project>Settings>General>Advanced and attempts to transfer the project to the group, the only namespace he sees is his personal namespace. The group namespace does not populate in the dropdown menu for him. He is the owner on his projects and has the owner role on the group, but can not transfer any projects from his personal namespace to the group namespace.

I believe I have all of the prerequisites met as seen on this page under the section “Transfer a project to another namespace”: Transfer projects | GitLab

I can transfer projects from my personal namespace to this same group namespace. I am able to transfer his projects to the group namespace in the Gitlab Admin area. It feels like I must be missing a setting on his account to enable him to transfer projects to the group namespace but I am stumped. Any suggestions?