Group member with Developer role does not have access to push to a project


I have an instance of Gitlab CE running version 8.17.4. There is a group containing various projects. The group has over 200 members with “Developer” role.

One of the projects in this group is acting very strange. Most users of the group is able to push code to this project. But certain members of the group cannot push codes to this project even though they are able to push to other projects of the same group. They seem to have read access only.

I’ve checked the Project’s configuration from Gitlab UI and could not find anything that stands out. Has anyone ran into this issue before?

Just to give some more info, this project was under my personal namespace when it was first created. It was later transferred to that Group.

Noticed an odd behaviour on this issue in my environment. While the user doesn’t have access to push code to that particular project, if he uses Gitlab UI and attempts to edit any file, a forked project is automatically created for him with following message:

You’re not allowed to make changes to this project directly. A fork of this project has been created that you can make changes in, so you can submit a merge request

At this point, the user gets his Developer access back to the original project. Even if the forked project is deleted, he can push to the original project directly.