Group owner can't access project

Hi, I’ve just migrated a private repository from Github to Gitlab using the import tool, worked great.

My Group enlight has two Owners: myself and kiyokaz. kiyokaz can log in, see and edit the Group, and can see the Group’s single project enlight-web but only if he navigates there directly. His “homepage” is empty (“create a group” etc).

He also is unable to access the repository files or download code. The repository homepage is present but mostly empty for him. He is listed as an Owner in the repository settings (which makes sense because he is an Owner of the group itself).

I’ve tried many things but this part of the system seems a bit flaky (lots of website hangs/errors when adding/removing members to groups and repos). Anything you can do on the server side to fix this?

OK it’s working now. It looks like it just took a long time (30 mins) to propagate access.