How to configure Review Apps

I havent found any good information on how to setup Gitlab Review Apps.

I already have my Test, Build & Deploy pipeline working but i have a dockerized infrastructure and i’m not sure how to handle the Dynamic Environments, any ideas?

Can you provide some more info on your infrastructure? E.g. what scheduling and orchestration platform?

Review apps, like the whole environment option in Gitlab are features of which you have to implement the actual deploy or review app deployment yourself. (Unless you use OpenShift since Gitlab can automagic everything then)

Will provide some basic info later, am running a Rancher based cluster myself.

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I use DigitalOcean Servers with Docker Containers orchetrated by Rancher.

I have a Nginx reverse proxy stack to control my DNS, since i have 1 server and several applications (stacks) running on it.

i was thinking that maybe i could create a script that generates the virtalhost on Nginx or maybe play a bit with CloudFlare… not sure…

Check out the Rancher provider in Traefik. I think you will find that it greatly simplifies automating the configuration of your load balancing since you can manage everything via rancher health checks and labels on your services. The current release has some limitations, but I have a pull request that will hopefully be merged before the next release here.