Has pipeline job but AutoCI is disabled


i have the project which disabled the AutoCI feature however there was few job has been trigger in the pipeline when I am pushing the codes into my branch. There’s not .gitlab-ci.yaml file has been commit into my project either.

Just wondering what has happen? How can i properly stop running job in the pipeline when i am pushing the code into my branch?


Hi, and welcome to the GitLab forum! :slight_smile:

If you could let us know more about your setup (e.g. self-hosted or hosted on gitlab.com, free plan or paid plan), that’d help folks being able to better answer your question.

In the meantime, perhaps these recent topics can help:

Hi dplanella,

Thanks for your reply. It’s hosted on gitlab.com and it’s on free plan at this moment.


Thanks for the extra info. Did any of the topics I linked to help?