Helm chart pulling does not work

Hi there,

I was able to publish a Helm chart to the my GitLab Community Edition 14.8.2 according to the following Helm charts in the Package Registry | GitLab documentation. I was also able to see the chart via the UI and it was also downloadable via UI.

Somehow add the repo to helm. I got the following error message:

❯ helm repo add --username xxxx --password glpat-xxxxxx ZZZ-base https://git.xxxx.xxx/api/v4/projects/9724/packages/helm/api/stable/charts
Error: looks like “https://git.xxxxxxxx.xxxxxxx/api/v4/projects/9724/packages/helm/api/stable/charts” is not a valid chart repository or cannot be reached: failed to fetch https://git.xxxxx.xxx/api/v4/projects/9724/packages/helm/api/stable/charts/index.yaml : 404 Not Found

Why does it not work?

I would like to you the Chart as a dependency in an other specialised chart.

# Chart.yaml
  - name: ZZZ-base
    version: 0.0.1
    repository: "https://git.xxxxx.de/api/

So that I am just calling helm dep up to get the ZZZ-base chart?

Hi @imalik8088
the URL with helm repo add differs from the one used with curl. Look at the example from the docs:

helm repo add --username <username> --password <access_token> project-1 https://gitlab.example.com/api/v4/projects/<project_id>/packages/helm/<channel>
helm install my-release project-1/mychart

oh nooo thank you very much!
Do you now whether its possible add the url into Chart.dependencies without adding the repo beforehand. Basically I would like call just helm dep up and it should connect to the repository and download it into the charts/ folder

I haven’t tried it my self, but it should be possible to use the same URL as for helm repo add since it is still a Helm Chart repository.