GitLab Packages index.yaml is empty, missing Helm Chart details


I am trying to store Helm Charts in the GitLab Package Registry. Once the Helm Charts are stored in the Package Registry, I want to publish them onto Artifact Hub, so they’re more discoverable by other people.

However, the index.yaml file is empty and therefore, Artifact Hub cannot find the packages (Helm Charts).

Here’s the packages: Package Registry · Trevor Sullivan / helm-pwsh-pode · GitLab
Here’s the index.yaml file:

I posted about this issue on the GitHub repository for Artifact Hub as well.

Question: How do I make sure that my Helm Charts, stored on GitLab Package Registry, are discoverable by Artifact Hub?

There’s no documentation from GitLab about how to publish Helm Charts and make them visible on Artifact Hub, so how do you accomplish this?

Here’s the only docs I could find on Helm Charts: Helm charts in the Package Registry | GitLab