Help debugging server error: TypeError in app/models/concerns/ci/contextable.rb

Hello everyone,

I have a problem with gitlab when upgrading from 14.1.8 to 14.2.x (community, docker) and out of ideas where to look next.
I found only one person, with the same issue here:

After updating gitlab, it is impossible to trigger a new pipeline with the following error message:

TypeError (no implicit conversion of Symbol into String):
app/models/concerns/ci/contextable.rb:64:in `include?'
app/models/concerns/ci/contextable.rb:64:in `block in predefined_variables'
app/models/concerns/ci/contextable.rb:58:in `tap'
app/models/concerns/ci/contextable.rb:58:in `predefined_variables'
app/models/concerns/ci/contextable.rb:14:in `block in scoped_variables'
app/models/concerns/ci/contextable.rb:13:in `tap'
app/models/concerns/ci/contextable.rb:13:in `scoped_variables'
lib/gitlab/ci/build/context/build.rb:24:in `block in variables'
lib/gitlab/utils/strong_memoize.rb:30:in `strong_memoize'
lib/gitlab/ci/build/context/build.rb:19:in `variables'
lib/gitlab/ci/pipeline/seed/build.rb:176:in `variable_expansion_errors'
lib/gitlab/ci/pipeline/seed/build.rb:60:in `block in errors'
lib/gitlab/utils/strong_memoize.rb:30:in `strong_memoize'
lib/gitlab/ci/pipeline/seed/build.rb:59:in `errors'

The line is in app/models/concerns/ci/contextable.rb · v14.4.1-ee · / GitLab · GitLab
and contains

        variables.append(key: 'CI_NODE_INDEX', value: self.options[:instance].to_s) if self.options&.include?(:instance)

But I don’t know where options[:instance] could be initiated.

git diff between the versions git diff v14.1.8-ee..v14.2.7-ee app/models/concerns/ci/ does not show any changes, which wold look related.

I am lost. Any pointers, in which direction to look, would be appreciated.

Found a solution: Some columns wer text instead of jsonb type, see TypeError (no implicit conversion of Symbol into String): app/models/concerns/ci/contextable.rb:64 (#345146) · Issues · / GitLab · GitLab