Help to find GitLab team interest for Ansible Modules to configure GitLab


I would like to help with the Ansible Modules which allow you to configure and interact with the GitLab API.

As you may be aware, there are some Ansible modules for GitLab, which live under the “community.general” collection of modules. These are generally considered to be very old and not fit for purpose. I’d like to improve these, but I don’t really want to fix these up, and then … that be the last that happens to them, so I’d be interested in finding someone on the GitLab side who I can hand over the resulting modules to.

The omnibus package of GitLab uses chef to do a lot of internal stuff, I’m guessing that means that most employees understand chef better than ansible, so you might find it hard to find any employee with an interest.

Furthermore this is a community forum, only a few employees come by here, further lowering your chances.