Help with update

I need some help with update Gitlab CE from 8.0.3 to current actual version (for ex. 9.2.2).

As I see, I have 2 options:

  • update current installation (only if this option easier when other, becouse currently installation is stupid)
  • create new installation and then move old settings or move database and migrate it.

I don’t want first option because want to “apt upgrade” and don’t think about how it will be upgrade gitlab (of course with test server in first).
So I was trying to put old settings to new installation: dump and restore database. Automagically it wasn’t migrate. Also cannot find migrator in google (only deprecated).
But I found python script for move users (groups) and repositories. Groups it was create (not important, only 2 can be created manually) but cannot create users (fail with identities.providers)

So, I’m stuck and need for help or advices.

Also I was tryed to install .deb\.rpm package and then upgrade it with apt-get. But cannot install it from on any of OS (Ubuntu 16, CentOS 7)