Hiding my email

I’m quite new and wanted to hide the email shown in the individual project (In Graphs/Contributors). I want to make sure that my email is not publicly shown anywhere.
Any tips on how to do that?
Thanks in advance, Neele


  1. Visit gitlab.com/profile
  2. Click on the Profile Settings tab on the left pane
  3. Go to Public Email in the content area and select Do not show on profile

Thanks a lot for the late, but still very helpfull reply :smiley:

Hahaha…great. Sorry for the late response. We are trying to be as much responsive on the forum as possible

I’d like to point out that Do not show on profile doesn’t hide the email everywhere. Some pages like Graphs or Pipelines will still show the email or have a mailto link to the email.

There seems to be an open issue about this.

Here’s an example in the wild. Notice this user’s email here (Graphs page).

I would like if we could hide the email everywhere.