History missing in project

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Last week we created a branch for a project and then successfully completed a merge request for that project. The project digitally signs powershell scripts and uploads them to a S3 bucket in AWS.

Today while trying to debug an issue with one of the PS1 scrips in the project I noticed we’re missing all of the changes made in the merge request. I can see in the build jobs the last successful run, which resulted in a scipt being uploaded to S3 with all the changes.

Under history for the project, it’s missing anything from last week - basically it’s as though the changes last week never happened; however I can see in the S3 bucket that the signed version of the script includes all the changes.

If I was guessing, it’s as though someone has restored older settings to a server without telling us.

We are using gitlab.com, not self hosted.

We use the web IDE now almost exclusively, so no remote git instances to compare against.