How can I get logs from Gitlab with the following user activities?

Could someone kindly help me where I can find user activity related logs for the following:

  • A certain user deleted some projects
  • A certain user renamed some projects

I think I saw what I was looking for under: production_json.log. If you have another option which is easier please let me know.

Thank you in advance.

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Is it possible to get notifications for DELETE methods?

Are you using Free or paid?

We are using omnibus at version 15.11.9

That’s not what I was asking :slight_smile: but anyway if you are paying for a subscription you have access to Audit Log in the UI where you can see such events. If you are on Free the only option is to look and parse raw GitLab logs.

Sorry, yes, we are using the Free version. Yeah, I only checked the gitlab logs for this. There is no other way around this but only available on Premium and Ultimate versions? Thank you.

Yes, Audit log is available only on the paid subscriptions.