Where can I find security Audit log for cloud gitlab repositories


I could not find in the documentation how can I retrieve audit log for sign-ins, check-outs, pulls, etc for our cloud gitlab repository? Is there a hidden menu? How can I audit if someone has hijacked another developer’s account?


I’m guessing if you mean cloud as in using gitlab.com then I believe it’s not possible. As per the documentation: Log system | GitLab

Viewing logs is available in self-managed only, which means with you running your own Gitlab instance.

There is however: Audit Events | GitLab

which is only available with a premium subscription. Perhaps that would provide you with what you require, but it won’t be available for free users.

Thank you for the answer! Do you know if switching from free to enterprise will reveal historic logs?

I have no experience of a paid plan but since the docs say you can generate an audit report that would usually mean events that have happened in the past. Just not sure if that means from the point you activated premium or not. It would be better to speak with the Gitlab team via their ticketing system or sales team to clarify.