How can I get native notifications of my pipelines?

Hi, I work on several gitlab projects, and sometimes I would like to be notified if a pipeline succeed/fails, with real notifications (that just pop from my screen even if I’m not watching to my browser).
I don’t want to enable email notifications because I don’t want to receive many emails that I need to delete once I get it.

It would also be great to configure a notification in case a branch is present and has not be modified since x days, that probably means that the branch needs to be merged / deleted or has just been forgotten.


Hey there,

If you go to Project’s Settings → Integrations, there are several providers that you can send notifications to (e.g. Teams, Discord, Google Chat, etc). The setup is normally really easy, just a few clicks, and you can choose what you want to be notified about (in your case would be pipeline changes). P.S. if all your projects are in the same group, you can also do from Group’s Settings - then it will be default for all projects inside and you can override if needed.

Unfortunately, there is no such setting for - what I believe you want - stale branches. But, there is API - Branches API | GitLab - so I believe you could make yourself a little script that sends requests there and gives you x days old, unmerged branches. Then it’s really up to you where you wanna send the result and how often you want to execute it :slight_smile:

Hope this helps! :slight_smile: