How can I learn Gitlab in a very short time?

Hello people!
I’m a new user here. Want to learn this thing in as soon as possible to start my work. Need some tips & tricks.
Appreciate it!

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Welcome to GitLab and the forum @jalalniazi!

Here are a few things for getting started:

  • Our documentation is extensive but can be daunting. It is all public however so a Google search is often your best friend when looking for a specific piece of documentation.
  • A great place to start in our docs is New to Git and GitLab?
  • Another great starting point for various topics is GitLab Basics
  • We have a lot of resources on our YouTube channel but again, there’s a little bit of “information overload” there.
  • A great starting place for videos is Learn@GitLab which brings in some great resources based on your use case (developer, product manager, etc.)

There are also a large number of community tutorials available. I’ve not had a chance to read/watch all of them, but some that come up often are:

The last resource I’d recommend you’ve already found - the GitLab forum! There’s a great community here and a long history of answered questions - and we’ve got a great set of team members and community folks monitoring it. I hope that helps!


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