GitLab Documentation

Since last Thursday, I’ve been searching for websites that can help me in managing my projects better(website, android apps).

As expected, I first went to Github and came to know that you can’t really store private repositories there for free, so after a little of researching, I came to know about BitBucket where you can actually store private repositories for free. Well, free makes sense because I am a one man army so I don’t have any team at the moment. After some researching, I came to know about GitLab which is somewhat similar to BitBucket.

After analyzing all 3, I’ve finalized GitLab. Everything worked smoothly till I created an account. I created a test repository and I’ve been stuck there ever since.

How to proceed now?

GitLab is very popular so I assumed that there will be an excellent documentation that will guide from the basic topics to advanced. But to my surprise, there is none. Well, there are 2 but they can’t be called documentation.

GitLab CE Documentation
GitLab EE Documentation

Visit the above 2 sites to have a look at the so called documentation. How on earth can these two sites even be called documentation? There are all topics but not one starting point. Documentation should be like “Intro to GitLab”, then “GitLab Basics”, “GitLab Setup”, “Creating Your First Repository”.

Now it’s time to take a look at GitHub Guides, see how every guide is properly organized, short and simple. I’ve read all that in an hour, easily setup my test project there, even created a new branch, committed some changed and merged them into master. But on GitLab, I am yet to get started. I’ve created a test project, that’s all. There is no guide, no help to take me further.

I hope that GitLab team will prepare a good documentation which will be extremely helpful to new useres like me or if you could send me a link of the video playlist that could help in understanding the basics, that would be great!


How did you install GitLab? On a local server?

Regardless, the way I started to learn was by spinning up an instance on a VPS like Digital Ocean. They have “one click” installs and you can usually find a $10 credit around the internet which will run a server 24/7 for a month.

From that point you can have a fresh GitLab instance and start to play while you work through Git Tutorials (there as so many great ones out there).

Once you are comfortable you can move installing on whatever server you like but it is super easy to learn on Digital Ocean or the like.