How can I restrict access by IP on SAAS?

Does anybody know if i can restrict access by IP/VPN on Gitlab SaaS?

If so, how?


You cannot. If you want to do something like that, install Gitlab on your own server.

Alternatively make your repositories on Gitlab SaaS private. Then only the people who are given access as members can see the projects. However you still cannot block access via IP/VPN. But at least nobody without permissions to the project can gain access if they were public.

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GitLab Dedicated might be an option, where you have access to your own SaaS managed instance, and can control the ingress network traffic.


If i understand correctly, this feature allows regional servers and stuff like that, but it didn’t mention restrictions on the actual users

With a dedicated instance (or self-managed) you may limit who has access, i.e. by firewall rules or using private networking functionality on the host.

it didn’t mention restrictions on the actual users

Is the question to restrict access to specific projects/groups for users coming from an IP address?

That will be available to self-managed/dedicated administrator e.g. with restricting group access by IP address. Group access and permissions | GitLab

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The question is actually how to Whitelist IP’s (or even GeoLocation) to access the projects?
We’re about to use SAAS