How do I delete my account from GitLab Learn?

I got encouraged to set up an account, but the platform does not really resonate with me. I would like to close my account, but… how? There is no such button in the settings. A search through the handbook, docs, and Google leads only to info on how to delete a regular GitLab account. So I sent an email to, which was included in the confirmation email. An autoresponder redirected me to use the support form. When I filled in the support form, I was asked to confirm I am a paying client which I am not. So it seems I should ask here. Is it possible to do? I do not want to keep a completely unused account hanging, waiting for a data breach… Can I do something about it?

@nutcrackerin Hello! thanks for posting here. I do beleive I saw an email from you come through which I will respond to now, but just in case, please email and I will make sure your account is deleted!

@moimoi Thanks for posting here. Can you please email and request for your account to be deleted? Please ignore the autoresponder at this time, as we’re still iterating on the best way to support GitLab Learn users. I’ll respond personally to your email there with updates on your account deletion.

I will delete your post as you requested in your message here as well.