How does one stop gitlab services in a kubernetes helm gcp environment for maintenance?

Our Gitlab v 14ee is hosted in GCP via helm, and we need to move the gitaly volume to be hosted on a faster ssd gcp disk. I am following this guide

however I do not know which pods, statefulsets, or services depend on Gitaly being up, that can be scaled down or stopped to perform this disk data transfer.

When using Helm/Kubernetes, how does one effectively put the application into maintenance mode to do tasks like this?

Should we use kubectl commands to scaled some services down? If so which ones?

The overall process to do this would be :

  • set volumeReclaimPolicy to be Retain [done]
  • stop services ???
  • take snapshot of gcp disk
  • use snapshot to create new faster gcp disk
  • update helm and pvc per Managing Persistent Volumes | GitLab

any help appreciate it ty!

 % k get pods
NAME                                     READY   STATUS      RESTARTS   AGE
gitlab-runner-7947c948db-mx2q9           1/1     Running     0          21d
gl-gitaly-0                              1/1     Running     0          21d
gl-gitlab-exporter-59d79cd9f7-9f5vh      1/1     Running     0          21d
gl-gitlab-pages-7f5588446d-k99q4         1/1     Running     0          21d
gl-gitlab-shell-c859f8cf6-8rs64          1/1     Running     0          21d
gl-gitlab-shell-c859f8cf6-hl6rk          1/1     Running     0          21d
gl-issuer-30-d4lz9                       0/1     Completed   0          21d
gl-migrations-30-557nc                   0/1     Completed   0          21d
gl-registry-595d74fc6d-7vk8q             1/1     Running     0          21d
gl-registry-595d74fc6d-qc8p2             1/1     Running     0          21d
gl-sidekiq-all-in-1-v2-8745df694-gngjd   1/1     Running     0          21d
gl-toolbox-7f5cf466fb-rt7xg              1/1     Running     0          21d
gl-webservice-default-767db659fb-ffhkg   2/2     Running     0          21d
gl-webservice-default-767db659fb-tnnw6   2/2     Running     0          21d