Minimal Gitlab CE Helm installation

What is the minimal Setup for Gitlab CE Helm Chart?

Hi. We are using Gitlab just as a usual Repository. Code is pushed, hook to jenkins, build, test and publish to kubernetes.

We are using Gitlab Cloud Native Helm Chart which setups all these components to our Kubernetes:
kubectl get svc -n gitlab:

  • gitlab-gitlab-monitor
  • gitlab-gitlab-shell
  • gitlab-minio
  • gitlab-nginx-ingress-controller
  • gitlab-nginx-ingress-default-backend
  • gitlab-postgresql
  • gitlab-prometheus-server
  • gitlab-redis
  • gitlab-registry
  • gitlab-sidekiq-all-in-1
  • gitlab-task-runner
  • gitlab-unicorn

There are 22 different pods running and i doubt, that we need them all.



GitLab uses many components in the background as services, the above looks sane to me to operate GitLab. Is your question related to performance issues, or just general?


I would say both. I would like to have the Kubernetes clean.
E.g we dont use prometheus, and the pod status is CrashLoopBackOff all the time. I would like to delete the deployment, but the “install: false” parameter in the helm chart doesnt work, if I set up gitlab again.