How test email send for a new setup on-prem

Hi, I have setup Gitlab on prem and configured the smtp in gitlab.rb with the right parameters but cant see how can I test/validate the configuration, something like "send a test email?

Thanks for your help

With a self-managed instance you can easily send a test email from rails console.

For Omnibus installed GitLab, start a rails console session with sudo gitlab-rails console. It will take a few minutes to load, that’s normal. When you see the irb> prompt, you can send your test email with the command shown in the documentation link above:

Notify.test_email('', 'Message Subject', 'Message Body').deliver_now

so many thanks, yes I was able to debug my smtp server, there was an issue wih the ssl certificate. However, 1 question though, every time we update gitlab.rb we need to restart the console gitlab-rails?

If you make changes to gitlab.rb you have to reconfigure Gitlab and restart.

gitlab-ctl reconfigure
gitlab-ctl restart

If you use gmail account, you must act less security app login permission.

This link redirects there directly.

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