How to allow CI Pipeline Run for "external" users?

We want to allow our “external” members to run CI Pipeline on our repositories by using our “CI minutes”. We are using GitLab free plan and we have bought some minutes for CI. We, as “origin” members of our Gitlab project, can run the CI pipeline normally but external users which we added as members with the “developer” role can not. They are asked to provide credit card details to be able to run our pipeline. We would like to know, how we can grant permission to these external users to be able to run a CI pipeline on our projects without the need for their credit card which is required by GitLab.

The users added by me (from a screenshot) are those who have a problem to run our CI pipeline. When they run a CI pipeline they are asked to provide a Card even we have more CI minutes (we bought them). I expect they are not asked for a Card to run CI pipeline but to run it without a problem.