A member of my group can't run pipeline because "User validation required"

I have a new member in my organization group.

It has the same role as other users for whom it works. And they didn’t had to put a credit card number.

I have a runner configured so gitlab is not force to use the shared runners.
I dont get the error.

When he pushes somewhere it shall trigger pipeline, he gets the following error:

User validation required
To use free pipeline minutes on shared runners, you’ll need to validate your account with a credit or debit card. If you prefer not to provide one, you can run pipelines by bringing your own runners and disabling shared runners for your project. This is required to discourage and reduce abuse on GitLab infrastructure. GitLab will not charge or store your card, it will only be used for validation. Learn more.

I am forced to disable shared runners but I don’t get why.

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