How to change 'checkbox' markdown to enabled?

Default checkbox render is disabled

I’m using in my organisation gitlab-ce and for many projects I’m writing something like “checklist” - procedure with every step user should take while he is performing some installation for project.

So I’m using markdown checkbox like this:

  • this is step one
  • and step three

and so on.

User could checkout finished steps, but it can’t be done, because default render of checkbox is with disabled=true. Is there any way to change this default property?

I thought maybe Embed GitLab Snippets would work with some simple vanilla script for doing this, but embed feature doesn’t work either (not sure if this is gitlab-ce limitation).
[Edit]: Yeah this page is for which is totally different markdown renderer than gitlab-ee or gitlab-ce.

Does any have idea what could be done to have this working?
Editing wiki page every time to change [ ] into [x] is not smart nor good solution.