How to check triggered pipeline status from a pipeline that invoked it from .gitlab-ci.yml with CI_JOB_TOKEN?

Gitlab allows to trigger a pipeline from another one with the use of CI_JOB_TOKEN. I’d like to check the status of the downstream from the same job that triggered it but using a “JOB-TOKEN: $CI_JOB_TOKEN” header when calling the pertinent API method results in a 401 (Unauthorized). Is this possible without depending on Personal access tokens?

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My solution was to trigger the dependent pipeline with extra parameters:

and persist artifacts in the called pipeline’s task based on this CALLER_ID:

pipeline task:
    - mkdir -p callers/$CALLER_ID
    - touch callers/$CALLER_ID/🏁
      - callers/

Then in the calling pipeline block until the artifact shows up:

echo "Waiting on $PIPELINE_ID artifacts..."
sleep 15
for I in `seq 1 3`; do
  echo -n "."
  curl -sL -o $ARTIFACT_URL
  unzip -l | grep -q "$CI_PIPELINE_ID/$CI_JOB_ID/🏁" && break
  sleep 15
done; echo

The presence of the artifact or lack of it at this point can help you chart further course.

CI_JOB_TOKEN doesn’t allow you to pick the artifact from pipeline/job/precisely, just the latest from the branch.
Did it the other way: No job event webhook firing for the trigger jobs (#326137) · Issues · / GitLab · GitLab