How to close redmine issue via gitlab commit

I have setup redmine integration in gitlab CE as mentioned in the []

I have searched all the docs and blogs but coudn’t get through. I can only replicate the issue id in commit tag which is redirecting to redmine issue details. I want to close the redmine issue using gitlab commit Ex: git commit “close #10”, should close redmine issue #10.

From Gitlab, #1 reference Gitlab issue n°1.

To reference a Redmine issue, you must use prefixed issue number instead (Redmine project Identifier + Redmine issue number) <PROJECT>-<ID> where <PROJECT> starts with a capital letter which is then followed by capital letters, numbers or underscores, and <ID> is a number (example API_32-143 ).

For referencing and fixing issues in commit messages, you should look at Redmine Administration->Settings->Repository->Referencing keywords.