How to counter argument for bitbucket integration with JIRA and pick GitLab

Hey all,

So we’re doing a tools comparison of enterprise on premise solutions for our Source control and I’m an obvious fan of gitab .Doing a feature comparison it seems to completely blow GitHub out of the water without even considering pricing and it “seems” to be a better option than bitbucket

My only issue which the CTO warned me over when we go to get our recommendation approved would be that JIRA ( already chosen) is an atlassian product , if we went with bitbucket also atlassian if there is an issue with integration because they updated something we can simply tell them “fix it”

The cost of 100 seat count base gitlab is 3900 vs 6000 for bitbucket. I know it’s unlikely but if say JIRA updated or gitlab updated and the integration broke we’ve no central point we were can say “you own this , fix it now” because the blame can be shifted too easily between organisations with the other one being at fault. In the mean while $2,100 of a price difference is nothing compared to the daily rates of a large development team. So if we did lose integration even for a day we’d take a massive “hit” in terms of money lost.

What argument would you guys make to counter this ?

Hi ! I start the same project :slight_smile:

We have many Jira projects one side, svn and git indepedant repo other side.
I have only free tools for managing repo (svnweb and gitolite) and no link to issues.

I would add integration with Jira, and a tool to manage repo, especially git ones (i tend to not work on improve old svn teams :wink: and focus on the new projects with GIT).

i look at first at bitbucket for the same logic (should have a better integration and logic and evolution). but i got more and more advice to use Gitlab (more friendly usage and GUI) and it is compatible with JIRA if we want instead of using internal issues.
And it could be complicated to maintain 2 softs from 2 editors.

More i fear this will lead to mix or duplicate features from both products…

Then it’s still a complicated question, especially i’m not a direct user of Jira and never try bitbucket or Gitlab.

1°) Is there some major issues or differences on branching Gitlab repo management to JIRA issues vs using full Internal GitLab (issues) ?

2°) Same question between GitLab + JIRA issues and Bitcucket + JIRA if someone has test the two…

Note : the new main project created on git (vs svn for older ones) already use Jira, then i think it’s not possible in the short term to move those projects from Jira to full gitlab.

Thx for your advices and your feedbacks.