Key Considerations for GitLab and JIRA integration over Github?

I am in the process of rebuilding the contribution processes for an open-source project where the key “product” is documentation, with the code playing a secondary part.

We are settled on using Jira as our main issue queue space but we need either GitHub or GitLab as our git repository as we want to use GitBook for managing the key documentation. (and it interfaces with either)

I know that GitLab has strong connections to Jira but, to an extent, so can GitHub. What are the key considerations I should be making to ensure we pick the right choice?

I think it really depends a lot on the people you work with. I’ve always leaned more towards GitLab primarily because it’s easy for the people I work with (sometimes not coders) to get in see where a project is at and bounce around in the platform. Obviously there are a lot of CI/CD benefits GitLab also offers, but at the end of the day if it’s not easy for your team to work with that will be the projects downfall. Both platforms offer pages which I think might interest your use case, there is a wiki section in GitLab also which is nice. I really haven’t looked as in depth at a lot of GitHub’s offerings like I have with GitLab, but hopefully this helps. :smiley: