How to create a new todo item - for user or team member


I started using a few days back and have successfully set up a repo, group and invite a team member to be part of project/repos etc.

we can create issues but I cannot figure out how to create a new TODO item. most of the articles tell you how to accept a todo and close it etc.

how can I create a new todo for a repo
how can I create a new todo for me OR a team memeber


Currently todos are generated by specific actions.

From the Blog:

“When an issue or merge request is assigned to you, or when you are @mentioned in a comment (…) this will add a notice in your Todos list”

There is a Feature Proposal issue open to discuss the option of an API to create todos. Please follow that discussion.

I have been creating issues and assigning myself to follow to do’s but nothing is showing up. ToDo’s are empty

@MrWilde Todos are not created when you assign an issue to yourself. To see the issue, just click on the issues tab on the left of your dashboard