How to Create a private Nuget Package repository using Gitlab


Using .Net, I have several projects that reference a common set of libraries. These shared libraries are referenced as Nuget Packages in each relevant projects, as if they were 3rd party libraries.
So far, not using Gitlab, the Nuget packages are simply hosted in a folder on my machine, which acts as a local (private) Nuget Package repository.

I’d like to move to Gitlab, and have Gitlab Package Registry store my private Nuget packages, and act as a private Nuget Package repository.

I’m completely new to Gitlab and CI/CD, so I need some general directions.

Here are my questions:

Where in my Gitlab should I host my packages?

I have the following Group/Project architecture: A unique root group with subgroups. Each subgroup gather related Projects. I have a subgroup dedicated for the shared Library projects.

All the projects should be able to use the Nuget Package repository

Should I use the root group Package Registry, or should I create a special project which will be used for his Package Registry feature?
The advantage I see of using the project solution would be to be able to use the Wiki (or any feature of the repository) to add some form of documentation/help about Nuget Package Creation/Publishing/Use, which doesn’t seem possible from a group location.

If I choose the project solution, is the location of the project important?
Is it mandatory to host it under the root group? or could it go in the shared libraries subgroup?

[EDIT] The following questions can be skipped, as I should be able to give answer to them. I made progress on the subject.

How to add a Package to the Package Repository?

From what I read so far, it seems it is only possible to add a Nuget Package via a CI/CD pipeline? or I am mistaken? i.e. There is no “Upload Package” button?

How to add this private Gitlab Package Repository to Visual Studio Nuget Package Manager?

I began to search for informations about this, but so far did not see a clear cut solution (but probably because all this topic is too new to me).

Thanks a lot.