How to disable two-factor authentication

I cannot two-factor authentication and generate new recovery codes.
How to disable two-factor authentication.

I am gitlab free menber.
please help me.

Have you tried finding the options to disable/regenerate-recovery-codes in the user settings area?

Yes, but not resolved.
・I cannot Log in to gitlab
・I don’t have recovery code
・I cannot Generate new recovery codes using SSH

Thank you for your answer.

HI guys

I have the same problems, I never activated the two-factor authentication and I lost my account for this moment.


I can logging in on my acccounr using this steps.
in the section Generate new recovery codes using SSH

1.- Execute
2.-The last command Generated the code that used in place of two-factor authentication (You need any saved ssh in your .ssh folder)
3.- after logging my in ssetting->account -> disable two-factor authentication.

Thank you for your answer.

But i cannot login. Maybe I don’t have ssh.