How to do Bookmarks on GitLab

Hi GitLab,

I can see a bookmark icon on my projects and subprojects. I am assuming that this is a bookmarking pinning feature on GitLab.

I was wondering how do I bookmark or pin projects on GitLab such that the projects I pinned are at the top of the list when I open GitLab.


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That ribbon type icon, it doesn’t do anything. Just seems to be a marker next to the project under the group. I expect the option you are looking for is to star the project. So from my test group and project:

you can see further to the right a star with 0 (zero) against it. Click the project name, and when inside the project:

in the top right hand corner of that screenshot you see the star button. When you click it, it then looks like this:


now when you go to your main project page, you can now see under the starred tab:

now there is one starred or bookmarked project. When I click starred projects:

now you can see it’s bookmarked or starred.

I would have expected it to be the bookmark icon to pin a repository, in the mean time I’ll give the star a try.

Thanks @iwalker

Yeah it looks like the post bookmark icon on discourse. No idea why it is there to be honest.